Solar News

Stable Perovskite Cell Boosts Solar Power

By adding cesium to a kind of crystal known as a perovskite, researchers say they can create tandem solar cells that may be much better at converting light to electricity than conventional solar cells while also being far more stable than previous comparable tandem cells. Photovoltaic cells based on silicon currently make up about 90 percent of the global photovoltaic market. However, the rate at which the power conversion efficiency of silicon photovoltaics has improved has slowed dramatically,...

Challenging efficiency records of solar hydrogen production

US researchers have raised questions over how the photoelectrochemical community, including themselves, tests the efficiency of solar-to-hydrogen devices.1Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production is a promising source of sustainable energy but for this to be commercially viable, it needs to be more efficient. However, true like-to-like comparison between numbers reported around the world is nearly impossible. Without consistent techniques, we may be basing our future on inaccurate numbers.Now, H...

Western Australia's rooftop solar now state's 'biggest power station'

Western Australia's rooftop solar now state's 'biggest power station' 06. January 2016 Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends By:  Ian Clover Immense popularity of residential solar in Western Australia essentially forms the states largest power generating unit, according to research by Curtin University.

Trig to invest $61 million in French solar projects

Trig to invest $61 million in French solar projects 05. January 2016 Applications & Installations, Financial & Legal Affairs, Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers By:  Ian Clover Channel Islands-based The Renewable Infrastructure Group Ltd is to invest in 15 ground-mounted a rooftop solar projects across France, with the assistance of French clean energy company, Akuo Energy Group.

Solar Set For Huge 2016? Oppenheimer Is Buying

With concern over the ITC expiration now out of the way, Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch believes that the road has been cleared for solar companies and their investors to re-focus on the fundamentals of the industry. “In a context of slow economic growth and challenged energy commodity prices, solar presents a significant bright spot of unit growth, declining prices and improving cost of capital,” Rusch explained in a new report. Oppenheimer predicts that solar stocks will outper...

Industry aims to extend life of solar panels with new Repair Agreement

With over half a million solar installations in the UK it is inevitable that some will, on occasion, experience technical problems. The vast majority of solar companies are adept at carrying out repairs and in many cases work will be covered by warranty or insurance policy. However, following the closure of a number of solar firms last year in the wake of the government's controversial solar subsidy cuts, some customers have been left asking what happens if a solar panel experiences a fault and ...

India to install 4.2 GW of rooftop solar under increased budget

India to install 4.2 GW of rooftop solar under increased budget 04. January 2016 Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Investor news, Market & Trends, Top News By:  Becky Beetz The Indian Government has unveiled plans to install 4.2 GW of grid connected solar PV up until 2019-20 under its National Solar Mission. A budget of around US$751 million has been allocated. It is still unclear how its 40 GW 2020 rooftop target will be met, however.

UK hits 8.4 GW of solar capacity

UK hits 8.4 GW of solar capacity 04. January 2016 Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers, Market & Trends By:  Becky Beetz According to the latest figures from the U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change DECC , cumulative solar PV capacity reached 8.4 GW in November, up from just 223 MW in 2011. This represents installs totaling 3.4 GW in the first 11 months of 2015. A Q1 boom is expected, before the new FIT cuts take effect.